Mrozu and Chilli Crew on the big stage

June 1st 2019

under the patronage of professor Cezary Madryas Rector of Wrocław University of Technology
and Paweł Rańda,
Ambassador of the Races,
Olympic champion



The headliner of Odra River Cup 2018 is Mrozu. Vocalist, producer, songwriter will perform on the big stage for all the fans of modern sounds inspired by soul and blues. In 2009, he recorded his debut album „Miliony monet”, whose eponymous single won the charts of the largest radio stations in Poland. Mrozu has evolved over the years, starting form from r’n’b – nowadays his music is enriched by a lot of references to soul, blues and rock’and’roll.

In 2014 Mrozu made his comeback as a fully-shaped and conscious artist. His album „Rolllercoaster” went platinum and the singles „Rollercoaster”, „1000 metrów nad ziemią”, „Jak nie my to kto”, „Poza Logiką”, together with „Nic do stracenia”, the song recorded with the support of Sound ‘N Grace Choir, became smash hits.

The artist proved his talent for writing challenging and eclectic songs with his newest album, „ZEW”, in 2017. The record feature more personal lyrics and conceptual pieces that describe the wild, sometimes dark side of human nature. Mrozu remains faithful to the principle that music is absolutely the most important thing. The artist consistently avoids being in the spotlight or in tabloids, wanting to stay associated only with his artistic work. Fans have had many occasions to hear him live on countless, energetic concerts with the live band.

Mrozu will be supported by Chilli Crew. The group exists since 2012. Their style of the band freely moves from from soul, r&b, rap to reggae or rock, which, combined with the hypnotic, “black” vocal of Martyna Baranowska, makes them distinctive and recognizable.

The musicians of Chilli Crew have already collaborated with such artists as: Kamil Bednarek, Percival, Exodus 15, Gaga Zielone Żabki, Capleton (JAM), Stephen Newland (JAM), Mesajah, Dean Fraser (JAM), Bethel and Hetane.