3 June 2017

under the patronage of professor Cezary Madryas Rector of Wrocław University of Technology
and Paweł Rańda,
Ambassador of the Races,
Olympic champion



The Golden Eight from Bydgoszcz

The great winner of this year’s Odra River Cup is the rowing team RTW Lotto Bydgostia. The rowing eight from Torun claimed the second place and Wrocław University of Technology came third. Spectators, who gathered at the banks of Odra River at Wrocław University of Technology, also saw entertaining races of dragon boats and women eights’ competition. Read more ›

The Rector Trophy stayed with the hosts

In historic, nineteen races between University of Wrocław and Wrocław University of Technology the latter team won.
The competition between the rowing teams of two major universities of Wrocław is a long lasting tradition. Over the years, thirteen victories have belonged to Wrocław University of Technology, six times the cup was claimed by University of Wrocław.

Western Style Picnic

Western City at Odra River welcomed participants of the second day of Odra River Cup. The events for the youngest guests were also prepared by the students of Wrocław University of Technology. Read more ›

Seize the moments during Odra River Cup

SWAGIF is a first in Poland GIF-Dummy that performs funny animations of people. All you need to do is to approach him, show him you positive emotions and they will be captured in a form of a motion picture. You will be able to create such original memoir on Saturday, as a part of Odra River Cup events. Read more ›